Healtogether CIC

Break the stigma on mental Illness.

Who we are

Healtogether CIC is a community enterprise organisation with a vision to improving access to mental healthcare services for minority ethnic communities in the UK.

The community we support

Through our awareness campaigning, supporting the community to shift the narrative and misconception of mental health conditions. As an organisation, we want to create an environment where mental health is openly discussed and supported within minority ethnic communities in the UK.

Our beliefs

We believe, together as a community, we can create a society where everyone can thrive despite the conditions of their mental health. Healtogether CIC is a community-based organisation run and controlled by Somalis for minority ethnic communities in the UK.


Healthtogether CIC provides a range of support, information services and empowers minority ethnic communities in the UK with mental health conditions to have choice and control, be active and be successful in all aspects of their lives without compromising their identity.