Healtogether CIC

Break the stigma on mental Illness.

The Team

Meet the team who are breaking the silence on mental health within minority ethnic communities, and building the future generation’s view on mental health within their community.

Anab Abdulkadir Hoffmann
Founder & Director

Anab is passionate about bringing change to the current negative portrayal of mental health conditions within the Somali community, to encourage curiosity and learning on mental health illness.

She thrives on working with people who aim to develop an empathetic and conscientious understanding of mental health conditions.

When we expand our thinking and are open to engaging in real conversations, we can achieve leaderships that create mindful policies and practices that have a significant impact in our society.

Anab has walked a long path leading to mental health awareness campaigner, working within corporate environments and avidly exploring outside of her comfort zone. Her experience includes qualifications in Human Resources Management and Computer Studies, certificate on Mental Health First Aid and is an epic political antagonist.

Mulki Mahamood
Founder & Director

Mulki wants to see young adults enter the world confidently, curiously, and compassionate about mental health conditions, and the need to have a forward-thinking approach to our mental health.

She fostered her belief in the need to develop a future generation free of misconceptions on mental illness, but rather facilitate mindful understanding of mental health conditions.

Her experience includes working with young people in different areas of London. To address the lack of youth services and advocates where possible. When volunteering in youth centres, she sees first hand the struggle young people are dealing with in inner-city London, mental health problems being one of them, and that is due to the lack of investment.

Mulki has a BA Hons in Housing Management and first-aid training. She enjoys good food, engaging conversations and working with young people.